2. It Doesn’t Matter 2xLP vinyl PRE-ORDER now available!

    We’re a bit excited to announce the November 15th release date of Saxon Shore’s latest album It Doesn’t Matter on 180 gram vinyl. This deluxe edition double LP will be limited to 500 copies. The double vinyl package takes all of the elements of the CD packaging by designer Lizania Cruz into the realm of the handmade. Bassist Will Stichter cut the paper, punched rectangles by hand, letterpressed the sleeves and the inserts on his 1938 Vandercook #3 press, and stitched each seam on his 60s-era Italian sewing machine. Truly a labor of love.

    It features a side D with bonus tracks “Secret Fire, Binding Light” and “Amber, Ember, Glow” from the album Four Months of Darkness as re-recorded by the band during the It Doesn’t Matter recording sessions with Dave Fridmann. It also includes a digipak CD version of the US release.

    We’ve saved up, pooled our resources, and made every effort to ensure this release represents how the album is meant to be experienced.

    To get a few copies of the album in your local record store please have your favorite shop send us a request (saxonshore@gmail.com) or request from our new distributor, Carrot Top Distribution.

    Pre-order at Insound, or through Saxon Shore.



  3. Saxon Shore - It Doesn’t Matter 180 gram Double LP

    Coming soon :)

  4. Matt Stone of Saxon Shore, rocking hard.


  5. An older song that I made with Matt Stone from Saxon Shore/Soporus.

    My brother Ryan also made a video for the last few minutes of the song, which can be seen here: http://vimeo.com/21492440